This app enables you to locally receive Hydrom's measurement data via your smartphone, without the need for an internet connection.

Before You Start:

To receive measurements via your smartphone, make sure Bluetooth is activated on your Hydrom device.

Also, ensure that the app has been downloaded and launched on your device.

Download App4Hydrom App:

The app is designed to display the received measurements in the same color as set on your Hydrom device.

Default View

When the app has not yet received any readings, you'll see a grey screen.

App Status Indicators

The image below shows three different indicators in various states.

  1. Indicator (1) shows if the broadcast messages can be received. Grey color means that no request has been made yet.

  2. Indicator (2) shows if the location data can be requested. Red color means that permission has not yet been granted. You can give this permission in your device settings.

  3. Indicator (3) shows if Bluetooth messages can be received. Green color means that permission has been granted.

We do not use your location data. The app requires location permissions to receive Bluetooth beacons only.

View when Readings Have Been Received

The images below show the app's interface when it has received measurements. Each color corresponds to a different Hydrom device.

Display of Measurements

Each Hydrom device sends its measurements in a unique color. The app displays the received measurements in the same color.

  1. The left side of the screen displays the latest Plato value (1.1) and the corresponding temperature (1.2).

  2. The next readings (2.1) and (2.2) represent the previous received measurements. They can help to identify trends.

  3. The last point (3) indicates when the measurements were last received. At the top right, there is a bin icon. Pressing this will clear the screen until new data is received.

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