Start in Configuration-Mode

This mode allows access to the user interface of the Hydrom. There, the Hydrom can be personalized, the interfaces can be set and the current measured values can be viewed.

If the Hydrom is in DeepSleep, the user interface is not accessible.


The Hydrom must be switched on (Turn on the Hydrom). It is recommended that the Hydrom is fully charged and/or set to configuration mode when charging. This will save battery life.

  1. To access configuration mode unscrewed the Lid and briefly press the Reset button once.

  2. The Hydrom will now start in configuration mode. This can be easily recognized by the fact that the status LEDs (green and red) flas constantly for 2 sec. and then switch between green and red and end in green. Sequence:

    1. Green and red constantly for 2 sec.

    2. switch between green and red for 4 sec. The Hydrom now loads all settings and starts up the individual modules.

    3. constant green glowing LED The Hydrom has now built a web interface.\

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