Warnings (read before use)

  1. Use caution because misuse or mishandling of the battery in the Hydrom can cause a FIRE or EXPLOSION that can result in injury, property damage, or death.

  2. DO NOT charge the Hydrom unattended or near flammable materials.

  3. DO NOT modify, disassemble, puncture, cut, crush or incinerate the battery of the.

  4. DO NOT use the Hydrom if the battery or its insulation is damaged in any way.

  5. NEVER expose the Hydrom's batteries to fire, water, or corrosive liquids.

  6. Damaged lithium ion batteries must be disposed of immediately in appropriate containers.

  7. STOP immediately if you notice an unpleasant or, feels hot (greater than 60deg), changes color or shape, or appears abnormal in any way while charging / storing / using the batteries.

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