Hydrom Instruction

Access to the user interface

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    The Hydrom must be powered on How to switch on the Hydrom can be found here: Turn on the Hydrom
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    The Hydrom must be in configuration mode In normal operation, no user interface is loaded in order not to waste the battery charge. Therefore, the Hydrom must be put into configuration mode.
    You can detect if the Hydrom is in Deepsleep when the green LED is on as described here: (1) Status LED of the Hydrom logic
    If the Hydrom is in Deepsleep, it can be woken up according to the instructions on this page: Start in Configuration-Mode

Connect to the Hydrom via browser

Accesspoint Mode
Client Mode
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    Connect to the network of the Hydrom by selecting the Wifi "hydrom_XXXXX".
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    The initial password for the Hydrom is "123456789".
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    Access the WebUI in any browser at reach the following address
Access the WebUI in any browser at reach the following address http://hydrom001/
Scan me to Access the WebFrontend
If the name of the hydrom was changed, the hydrom must be reached under the newly selected name.
It may be that your network infrastructure prohibits setting custom names. Then you have to use the alternative way mentioned below
Another way for more advanced users is the following:
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    Connect to your router
  2. 2.
    find out which IP the Hydrom has been assigned.
  3. 3.
    open in the browser the address: http://<IP-Adress>