Do Firmwareupdate

The Hydrom has the possibility to install the firmware via the WebUI. Here you will find the instructions on how to do this.

Firmware Update

Precondition: To Upload the Firmware you must have access to the user interface. If this is not the case, see here how to do it:Access to the user interface

The hydrom must be fully charged

You can download the latest version of the firmware from this site. To do this, go to the download section of the website.

Please read all instructions carefully to make sure you download the correct version. Updating the firmware - can be done via the web interface of the Hydrom. The procedure is the same for each: Windows, macOS and LINUX.

Download the latest update

It is generally a good idea to keep the firmware of your devices up to date because newer versions of firmware can often fix bugs and security vulnerabilities that were present in previous versions. Outdated firmware can leave your device susceptible to security risks, such as malicious attacks, which can compromise the security and privacy of your data. Updating the firmware can also often improve the performance and functionality of your device, providing access to new features and enhancements. In order to ensure the best possible experience with your device, it is important to keep the firmware up to date. You can find the latest firmware here:

Step 1: Open the Menue

To access the menu bar you have to click on the three lines in the upper left corner. (See arrow) Then the menu bar will open.

Step 2: Select "Update"

Step 3: Select the Update device

You can download the updates from our download section, unzip the file and select it in the web interface.

Step 4: Start the Update

Press the "Update"-Button to start the process. This process may take a few minutes.

You will know that the Hydrom has installed the new firmware by the Hydrom shutting down and then going into DeepSleep mode (easily recognized by the status LEDs going out).

How to wake up the Hydrom can be found here:

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